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Prologue and Character Sketch

June 15, 2017

Character sketch


Armaan mallik: He is 20 years old. He is in the second year of the college. He is the second heir to the mallik enterprise. He is very short-tempered person and in his anger, he cannot control himself or his feelings he forgets whats right and whats wrong. When it comes to his work, he is too passionate about it. He is protective and at the same time too possessive about his family and friends, He is too rigid as well. Meanwhile, he is too friendly, fun loving, adventurous and a sporty kind of person, likes to go to parties. He also likes to flirt and spend time with his loved ones. 


Riddhima gupta: she is 20 years old. She is in the second year of the college. She is the only daughter of shashank and Padma gupta. She is a very sweet person remains calm and composed. She is very beautiful, likes to dance and play basketball. She is a friendly kind of a girl. She loves her family too much and respects their decision. She has a dream of helping her father in his business after graduating. She is scared of darkness, likes to spend her time while doing something creative. She is bit baby by her nature.


Atul mallik:  he is 25 years old. Armaan’s elder brother currently handling the malik industry (currently he is the managing director). He loves his younger brother too much and saves him from their father’s anger every time.


Anjali mallik: she is 24 years old. She is the Wife of atul mallik. She helps atul in his business by being his PA.  She loves her brother in law armaan a lot and pampers him as well and at the same time help atul to protect armaan from his father’s anger


Muskaan chadda: she is 20 years old and is riddhima’s classmate cum best friend. She is a chatterbox and has a very bubbly nature.


Rahul grewal: he is 20 years old and is armaan, abhimanyu, riddhima and muskaan’s friend. He secretly likes muskaan but cannot confess due to her bubbly nature, he is scared of her reactions.


Abhimanyu modi: he is 20 years old and is in the same class as others.


Nikita malhotra: she is 20 years old and is in the same class with armaan, riddhima, rahul, muskaan and abhimanyu. She secretly likes abhimanyu.


Billy mallik: he is 50 years old and CEO of the malik enterprise. He has two son’s atul and armaan.


Ananya mallik: she is 48 years old, a homemaker, enjoys kitty party. She loves her children.


Shashank gupta: he is 50 years old and CEO of the gupta enterprise. He loves his daughter riddhima and calls her angel.


Padma gupta: she is 48 years old, a homemaker and goes to kitty party with her friend ananya mallik. She loves her daughter riddhima and calls her angel like her husband.


Story at a Glance


Billy and shashank are childhood friends, they both had dreams of becoming successful businessmen and after loads of struggle their respective companies are on top. Their bungalow is also next to each other. Since armaan and riddhima’s parents are childhood friends, even they are childhood friends, though they do not love each other yet.  Armaan calls her baby sometime cause of her acts and another reason being her voice, but he prefers calling her basket more. Riddhima’s voice is very sweet, just like a child. Armaans is very protective and possessive about riddhima since childhood, he has always been with her, and he even used to choose those classes or activities which riddhima used to choose in school. Armaan always tries to find a solution to a problem but it is either his bad luck or rather his destiny, most of the time it happens the opposite. He ends up getting a shock. Still, he wants things to happen His Way…………


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