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Treatment of Auto Immune Diseases

July 13, 2017



The conceptualisation of STEMBRELLA HEALTHCARE was done after a long time spent in research on STEM CELLS and its implications. The lead Dr. ASHISH VERMA (MBBS, MD) and his team is into it since the year 2000 A.D. 


They entered into therapeutics from the year 2011 A.D. and since then have treated over 150 patients who all were suffering from incurable ailments.                         


The success in improving the quality of life of these patients who have no hope of any kind from any quarter of earth with all the current treatments in vogue, has encouraged them to move forwards this treatment for global wellness.




These are repair cells of the body and help in maintaining the milieu interior of the body by constantly repairing the wear tear going on in the body, When the body is afflicted by an ailment which is chronic in nature then these cells are denied access to the area of lesion and hence the repair stops. These diseases for which the cause is not known and hence no treatments available are categorized as AUTO IMMUNE DISEASES. This encompasses every part of the body from head to toe.


The STEM CELLS are of three types ­– embryonic, cord blood and adult. The first two is in disrepute for various reasons and only Autologous Stem Cells are currently allowed to be used for therapeutics as per 2013 Guidelines of INDIAN COUNCIL FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH.




We at STEMBRELLA HEALTHCARE are using AUGMENTED AUTOLOGOUS STEM CELL THERAPY in our patients. Our approach is unique and our results our outstanding as compared to other forms of Stem Cell Therapy available. We are isolating floating stem cells from the peripheral blood of patient and utilizing them in a manner where we are able to make them reach the various lesions where unfortunately nothing currently available in the world reaches to make an impact. And so the disease is addressed in a way whereby either we try to stop the disease as it comes into with symptoms or slow its progressiveness. No cure is offered. We are dealing with the diseased part and offering to CURE it with our therapy. Of course it depends on lots of factors and so we have devised criteria to determine which patients we can take up for treatment and who all having reached an advanced stage of disease cannot be offered the therapy.




We work with the core team under lead Dr. ASHISH VERMA along with fully experienced team of ace scientists. These look after the total journey of STEM CELLS from the patients to the laboratory and back with pre filled syringes to be injected into the patients.  Highest level of cut throat technology and systems are employed to see that no error is committed. Not one of our patients has shown any kind of side effects and almost all have shown improvements which could be labelled as medical marvel.


Besides we have various doctors of different Specialties who monitor the patients independently before, during and after the treatment. Every patient is also subjected to Physiotherapy, Special Needs and other beneficial interventions like Yoga and Acupuncture. All the personnel are well trained professionals and the patient is subjected to strict regime program and evaluated over the time period of 6 to 8 weeks of treatment time and thereafter also.


 We can say we have truly arrived. Our motto is HOPE REDIFINED and we are dedicating our lives to this passion.

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