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Pyaar Ka Jaadu

July 17, 2017

Today there was lots of hustle bustle in the house. Riddhima was getting ready for her college function. Riddhima lives in Armaan Mallik’s house who is one of the top businessmen in the city. Armaan is a very strict person; he wants that things should be done on time and in a proper way. Armaan lives with his mother Ananya and a younger sister Nikki. They are his only family and he loves them a lot. For people outside, he is arrogant and sometimes rude, but with his family, he is calm and composed. He encourages his sister to take part in her college functions, as he wants Nikki to come out of her shyness. Everything was going fine until Riddhima met his mom and she brought her home. One day Ananya had gone to the market to purchase a few vegetables and household products. Over there she had found a girl sitting all alone with no expressions on her face. Ananya after seeing her condition and talking to her, she felt bad. Riddhima was an orphan and today only she was asked to leave the place where she was staying because she was unable to pay the rent to the owner. Ananya saw she was a genuine person so she thought to help her and thus she brought her home. Since then Riddhima has been living with them and she and Nikki has become best friends cum sisters. Ananya had asked Armaan to make Riddhima join Nikki’s college, as she hasn’t completed her studies. Armaan being an obedient child listened to his mom and did as per her wish. Since then Riddhima and Nikki together started going to college. Armaan at first was ok with her mom’s decision, but later on regretted it because Riddhima was a full time chatterbox and a big prankster. Apart from these two she was quite filmy and use to talk about how she wants a filmy wedding.


Ever since Riddhima has come to stay with all of them every day there is some hulchul in the house and happiness entered in ananya’s life. Armaan’s father had died in a car accident and since then Ananya has never slept peacefully, but ever since Riddhima has entered in their life Ananya has started smiling. She sleeps peacefully at night because she gets tired the entire day due to Riddhima’s hyperactive nature. Riddhima takes Nikki and Ananya out for an evening walk every day. For Nikki and Ananya, Riddhima had become an important part of their life, but at the same time, Armaan had started hating Riddhima as in her every prank he was the one who had to suffer a lot. Though her pranks never intervenes his professional work, but when Armaan is at dining table he faces Riddhima’s pranks a lot of time which irritates him and this mere fact led Armaan to hate Riddhima. Also, he never understands how Riddhima’s pranks always work even if he tries to stop them. The few times when Armaan came to know about Riddhima’s prank, he tried to stop it, but it always backfired. He fails to understand that how her pranks are always successful even after he spoils them.

Today was a big day as Nikki was going to perform in a play along with Riddhima. It was Christmas time and thus their college had prepared for a small function in which Nikki was a santa and Riddhima was amongst a few girls who have to wish something from santa.


Armaan (walks out of his room): mom aaj itna shor kyun hai ghar main vaise toh roj hota hai thanks to riddhima but aaj kuch special hai kya


Ananya (arranging the breakfast on the table): there is some function in the college of Nikki and Riddhima, so both of them are getting ready but they are not able to decide what they should wear.


Armaan: oh, mom where is the medicine for headache kept? My head is paining very badly.


Ananya (in a concern tone): really? Let me make some coffee for you you’ll feel better and medicines are kept in the drawer of your room.


Riddhima (entering with Nikki to the dining room): There is no need to take medicine you wait for a minute I will bring an oil and massage your head, all the pain will vanish.


Armaan (in an irritated tone): There is no need for this.

Ananya: Armaan if she is saying it will reduce your pain then let her do it. Anyways you should not take medicine for such small headache it is better to avoid it.


Armaan: per mom (seeing his mother’s look Armaan sighs) Fine mom if you say so, I will try it out. However, I am sure nothing will happen, in one minute no headache reduces nor vanishes.


Riddhima smiles and walks towards Armaan. Armaan gives her an irritated look and sit down on his chair. Riddhima starts massaging his head and indeed, in one minute his headache vanished. Armaan looks at her with a shock look and without saying, anything leaves from there.  After few minutes, even Nikki and Riddhima left for their college function.


Armaan was sitting in his office and thinking how his headache vanished in one minute. He was lost in his thoughts when one of his employees came to inform him that his meeting which was supposed to happen today got cancelled due to some reason.

 Armaan (narrows his eyebrows at his employees): what do you mean by due to some reason.


Employee: sir we don’t know the reason. It’s just that those people called us and said that the meeting is cancelled which was scheduled for today


Armaan (asks in a question tone): they cancelled the meeting without any specific reason?


Employee: yes sir and that’s strange because they themselves had said that this meeting was quite important for them and we shouldn’t cancel it. So, they themselves cancelling it without any reason is strange.


Armaan (thinking): yeah quite strange anyways it is ok you leave and schedule the meeting again as per their request and my availability.


The employee nods his head and leaves armaan’s cabin to do as per the instructions given to him.




Riddhima and Nikki were getting ready for their play in separate green rooms. Since the meeting was cancelled, Armaan thought to attend his sister’s college play. Armaan comes to meet his sister Nikki in the green room and wishes her all the best, as he knows how shy his sister is. He gives her a good luck flower which she takes it smilingly and hugs armaan tightly.


Riddhima was getting ready but was upset too. She thinks ‘I should tell Nikki the truth. I shouldn’t be hiding it from them they love me so much’.


Riddhima stands up and starts walking towards the stage where the play is about to start. During her walk from green room to stage she prays that Nikki’s reaction isn’t nasty neither she takes a hasty decision otherwise she would have to; she closes her eyes thinking of the consequence and hopes she doesn’t have to use it.


The play begins and Riddhima could feel something is different but what? Why isn’t she able to find it she is so confused? Her thoughts were broken when she hears the audience clapping and then she realises it is her chance to perform. Riddhima takes a deep breath and then sighs. She walks towards the santa.


Riddhima (on reaching the santa and without looking at the santa): Nikki, look please don’t react everyone is here it will become a big problem. Please hear me out first fully and then only react to it ok (the santa nods the head in agreement so Riddhima continues speaking). See I am not what you all are thinking I am a pari who has taken a permission to come to this earth and today is my last day on earth, as I have to return tonight itself. Please trust me I did not want to hide anything from either you or aunty but, I was not allowed to reveal my identity. Right now also I don’t have the permission to tell you but I am still telling you this because I will directly leave from here and will you tell aunty that I had to leave urgently, please form any story about my sudden departure. Also, do tell her I can’t see her upset again and yes you wanted your brother to come here and see you enacting in a play right? Therefore, I made that possible by cancelling his meeting using my magic powers where as in reality it wasn’t cancelled its just I shifted it by a day. Please do not tell that sadu about it or else he will unnecessary shout. Can I say one more thing? (santa nods the head in yes) I have started liking your brother, no not liking I guess I have started loving your brother. I wish even he could love me then I would have married him and stayed here on earth forever with you all. I am afraid that's not possible because I guess he hates me no, not guess I am certain he hates me. Anyways, I'll leave thank you for listening to me fully.


Saying so Riddhima leaves the stage without realising that the santa was none other than Armaan Mallik. He had come to encourage his sister but seeing her scared face he agreed to her wish of going as santa on the stage. Whatever he heard from Riddhima, it was beyond imagination, but one thing got cleared, that is why all her pranks use to be successful when he tried to stop them. Also, how his headache vanished in one minute today morning. After few minutes he smiles and walks towards Riddhima’s green room.


Riddhima was sitting on the chair waiting for Nikki to come and speak to her. Suddenly the door opens and she turns around with a smile. However, when she sees Armaan is standing at entrance her smile turns into a confusion.


Riddhima (confuse tone): You here is everything alright?


Armaan: tum toh aise bol rahi ho jaise ki tumhe kuch pata hi nahiin? Meri meeting cancel karwayi taki mien yahan aa saku Nikki se milne kyunki vo aisa chahti thi.


Riddhima (looks at Armaan with shock look): how do you know this?


Armaan: chalo yeh toh pata chala ki tumhare paas itni Shakti nahiin hai ki tum doosron ke dimaag main kya chal raha hai vo padh sako.


Riddhima (raises her eye brows at him and says in a stammering tone): wh….. wha….. what?


Armaan: Well right now whatever you said to santa thinking its nikki, it wasn’t her but me. Honestly, I was shocked hearing your confession but now I also want to confess something. I want to say even I don’t know what this feeling is called but ever since you have entered our house I always find myself starring at you. I always find ways to talk to you. At first, your nonstop talking used to irritate me but now I find it cute. I always wait for you to play some prank with me even though I used to try to spoil it. Still used to wish that you succeeded in playing a prank on me. I guess this is what love is? I too have fallen for you Ms. Riddhima and now let’s get married so that you can stay here forever with us.


Riddhima (smiles and runs towards Armaan. she hugs him): abhi karoge shaadi? Aur tumhe pata hai aaj pehli baar tumne mera naam apni zubaan se liya hai.


Armaan: Yes, I am aware of it and you’ll get to hear it every day once we marry. Marriage right now? but how?


Riddhima smiles and closes her eyes. Armaan looks at her with confuse expression and when she opens her eyes snow starts falling in the closed room. The room was no more a green room it had turned into a place for marriage. Armaan smiles it was exactly a filmy wedding like Riddhima wanted just it was done by magic.


Armaan (after they were married): kahiin tumne jaadu se toh mujhe apne pyaar main nahiin giraya?


Riddhima (giggles):  uski zaroorat hi nahiin padi kyunki PYAAR KA JAADU apne aap jo chal gaya.



Hi Everyone,


I had written this story based on a christmas theme but never got a chance to post it. I hope you all enjoyed this cute little love story. Please click the heart button and I request you to leave your precious comments as they motivate me to write more such stories.




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