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His Way Update 2

July 27, 2017

Hey, Thank you for all your encouraging comments for the previous update. I have replied to each and everyone please do have a look at it. Read with a smile.




Riddhima enters her classroom and sits on the third bench with muskaan and nikki with either side on her. Guy’s enter the class and they walk towards the last bench of the class. Riddhima turns back and gestures them to come forward using her hands to which armaan says no by shaking his head. Armaan sits on his chair and thinks, “Why I was feeling bad when that guy was sitting next to basket? No no armaan concentrate, do not distract yourself by thinking uncesesarry questions“. Riddhima turns back and mumbles to herself “yeh log hamesha peeche bethkar kya karte hain”. Muskaan sees her speaking something so she asks “oye kya bol rahi hai”. Hearing this riddhima stops speaking and speaks while shaking her head “nahiin kuch bhi toh nahiin”. “Waise aaj acha hua ki armaan ne khana kha liya warna mujhe uska tareeka apnana padta” says riddhima to which nikki and muskaan give her a ‘confuse’ look. Riddhima smiles and says “tumhe yaad nahiin hai kya kya”. She then starts narrating the incidence that took place in their school.




School canteen

Everyone was sitting in the canteen and eating their food except riddhima. “Oye why aren’t you eating the food” says muskaan but riddhima does not answer her back. At that very moment armaan along With abhimanyu and Rahul walks inside the canteen. They all sit down on chairs. “Hey what have you ordered?” asks Rahul. “Oye tu andha hai kya dikhai nahiin deta khana jo samne pada hai wahi toh order kiya hoga humne apne aap toh khana table pe nahiin aa sakta” says muskaan while abhimanyu and armaan giggle, nikki just shakes her head. Riddhima was not concentrating on the happenings she was lost somewhere in her thoughts. “Mien andha nahiin hun muskaan bas pooch raha tha kyunki” before Rahul could continue muskaan stopps him in midway. Muskaan says “kyunki tu andha hai iss liye”. Rahul just shakes his head but from inside he wanted to just bang his head on some wall because why he even argues with her. At that moment, he thinks ‘mien kisi se bhi pyaar karoonga per isse nahiin. Jo bhi isse pyaar karega mien khud uska mental check-up karwaonga’. His thoughts were broken when he hears armaan.


“Baby why you aren’t eating anything?” armaan asks riddhima. Riddhima who was lost in her thoughts looks at armaan and says “First of all stop calling me baby otherwises” riddhima says this while pointing her index finger at armaan. Seeing that armaan smiles and says “I will not stop what will you do?” Riddhima is now in deep thoughts because she does not know what threat she will give. She was speaking in flow without thinking so now she starts thinking of a threat that she can give to armaan. Armaan interrupts her thinking and speak “don’t put pressure on your small mind you and I both know you haven’t thought of any threat. Don’t give me those shock looks I know it”. Riddhima looks at armaan with ‘I-will-Kill-you’ look. Seeing that look armaan chuckles and riddhima just shakes her head because she understood it’s waste of time to argue with armaan. When armaan notices riddhima is not saying anything so he continues speaking “Anyways if you have decided what you wanted to say then please continue speaking”. Hearing this riddhima looks at him and this time in angry tone she says “mien kehna chahti thi varna mien tumse baat nahiin karoongi”. Hearing her threat his first reaction was ‘kiddish’, he smiles and speak “you know that’s not possible so forget this threat”. Hearing this, riddhima’s mouth opens and seeing that armaan says “mooh (mouth) band karlo warna makhi ghuss jayegi” she immediately did this.


Meanwhile others were having their food. They know armaan and riddhima argue like this only so they just enjoy listening to it and get entertained. Seeing riddhima not eating armaan again asks her “On a serious note why aren’t you eating?” Riddhima’s head shots up, she didn’t wanted to answer this question to anybody. If she says lie to others they won’t be able to caught her but if she lies to armaan then he will caught her red handed. She also knows armaan hates lie and if he comes to know he will really get angry. Armaan when got no reply from riddhima he understood that there is something which is bothering riddhima so he again asks her with a raised tone so that she comes out of her thoughts “why aren’t you eating anything?” Riddhima still didn’t answer him so, he was again going to ask her but muskaan interrupts “she might not be hungry anyways ever since we have entered the canteen she hasn’t eaten anything“.


Muskaan wanted to continue by saying ‘she might not have eaten anything because she may have had a heavy breakfast’ but armaan cuts her off. Armaan says, “What you haven’t eaten anything after breakfast? Why don’t you take care of your health?” Armaan stand up from his place and walks towards the canteen counter. After few minutes, he comes back with rajma chawal for riddhima. He keps infront of her and with an order tone he says, “Eat”. Riddhima looks at him and says “but I don’t want to eat”. This time armaan didn’t ask her again instead he picks up a spoon and forward it towards riddhima’s mouth and says“mooh kholo”. Riddhima looks into armaans eyes and knows that he will not give up so she opens her mouth and armaan feeds her. Armaan keeps feeding her until she eats the entire food. With their group, it was normal they have often seen armaan feeding riddhima at home if she doesn’t eats but for others it was a shock they think maybe they are girlfriend boyfriend. In between while feeding riddhima armaan asks her “why weren’t you eating the food?” Riddhima looks at him and says, “Will tell you lateri”. Armaan nods his head in agreement.


After this, armaan eats his food. After sometime, guys leave because they have to practice for their upcoming basketball match. The girls were still sitting and chit chatting since there was still time left for the break to end. A girl comes to riddhima and asks her “is armaan your boyfriend?” Riddhima’s eyes open widely and she looks at the girl. Riddhima immediately says “nahiin”.  After calming down, she looks at the girl who was scared of her hyperactive reaction so she continues speaking “why are you asking like this?” The girl looks at her and after seeing her calm says “sometime back he was making you eat food so I thought so. Anyways the whole school says you guys look cute together”. After hearing this, riddhima has no answer she is in shock hearing that whole school thinks they look cute together. She curse them from within ‘aakhien hain ya button dikhta nahiin hai ki hum friends hain kya friends ek doosere ko khana bhi nahiin khila sakte idiots’. The girl waves her hand in front of her eyes and says “where are you lost”. Riddhima smiles and answers her back “We are best of friends”. Saying this riddhima along with muskaan and nikki leaves for her class.




Remembering this, the girls were giggling and when they were, about to speak the professor enters the classroom. He takes out the attendance register. Meanwhile armaan was busy thinking of what to do with that junior. Armaan is so lost in his thoughts that when professor calls his name he does not answer present. So, Rahul who was sitting next to him shakes him and tell him to say present. Armaan looks at the professor who was fuming with anger for not saying present. The professor says “armaan tum college main sone aate ho kya”. Hearing this, armaan instantly stands up and says “sorry sir it wont happen again”. Professor nods his head and asks him to sit down. Armaan sighs in relief and sits down. After sometime, he suddenly smiles because he got an idea. Now he was waiting for the class to finish because after this class he has some free time as next class is after one hour. During the class he was rethinking of its idea again and again so as to make it a perfect plan with no faults.


With the bell ringing, the class gets over and armaan is very excited as its time to execute his plan. He stands up and is about to walk when girls come. Girls ask them if they would like to accompany them for shopping. The market is next to their college so it won’t take much time to reach there and they want to buy a dress for tonight's function. The guys had no option but to agree, also they had no excuse as well. Armaan is sad that he won’t be able to do execute his plan now. They all sit in armaan’s car and leave for the market. Rahul is sitting in the front where as other four were sitting behind. Riddhima is sitting on muskaan’s lap whereas nikki and abhimanyu were sitting next to muskaan. Nikki is happy to sit next to abhimanyu she was trying hard to control her blush but it went in vain. Therefore, to distract herself she starts a conversation.


“I am so excited for the party in the evening,” says nikki and others smile. “Oye waise armaan party ka theme kya hai” muskaan asks. “Nothing specific for elder couple it’s red and black whereas for kids no specific colour”. Hearing this Rahul says “oh shit I don’t have a suit the one I had has gone for dry cleaning and would come back by next week. I don’t have any other party dress currently”. Rahul whines like a kid. “Abe itna kyun pareshaan ho raha hai hum market jaa rahe hain na naya khareed liyo” abhimanyu says. Armaan parks the car and all of them get down. They enter a shop, which has both women and men’s wear. Men’s wear was on second floor and girls wear was on first floor so they walk towards their respective sections. They decide they will meet each other exactly after forty minutes because they need ten minutes to reach back to college.


After exactly forty minutes, they come down and every one has a bag with a dress in it. They walk towards the car. They rush towards their class and after sighing in relief, they sit down. Armaan again starts thinking how he will tackle that guy after this class for the day. So, he impatiently waits for this class to get over. He is gets irritated further because the professor was making him write some notes. This is the last thing he wants to do now. Somehow, one hour passes away by writing notes and understanding the explanation. As soon as the bell rings, armaan keeps his register inside the desk and stands up to walk out of the class. After coming out of the class he starts searching for that person and when he fails find him he asks a passerby that where are the juniors. The passerby tells him that juniors had only orientation today and they had left after attending it. Armaan sighs and goes to play basketball where he finds abhimanyu and Rahul were already practising.


The talk, which was interrupted earlier in the day due to professor, happen in this free time. “Waise tum subha class shuru hone se pehle kuch bolne wali thi na” nikki says as she remembers that before the professor came riddhima was about to say something. “Mien nahiin toh kyun”riddhima says. “No when you said if armaan wouldn’t have heard you, you would have fed him in his style”. Hearing this riddhima again remembers her school incident and smiles. “Hain vo…. Vo mien kehna chahti thi ki acha hua usne kha liya warna sabke samne mujhe usse khilana padta aur phir jaise school main sabko hum cute couple lagte the college main bhi sabko lagta aur mujhe vo tag nahiin chahiye tha” riddhima says. Hearing this muskaan speaks “oye everyone already feels that armaan and you are girlfriend boyfriend”. Hearing this riddhima’s mouth opens and she stares at muskaan. “Why are you staring me like this? The way you both behave people think that you are a couple it’s not my fault” muskaan says. “Muskaan tu janti hai na mien aur armaan sirf ache dost hain aur kuch bhi nahiin kya dost log ek doosere ke saath time bhi spend nahiin kar sakte” riddhima whined like a small child.


Seeing her whining nikki and muskaan hi-fived each other and start giggling. Then riddhima realise that they were just teasing her and nothing else. “Honestly both of you look cute together,” nikki says. Riddhima hits her playfully on her arm says “not again, you guys are teasing me since school days don’t you guys get bored”. Both of them shake their head and start giggling again. Riddhima sighs and thinks it is not good to argue with them so she better changes the topic. “I had heard that in today’s party there will be an announcement. Though I don’t know what that announcement is but still I am curious to know,” says riddhima, muskaan, and Nikki who were giggling until now stop giggling. “Oye hogi koi business ki announcement” says Nikki because she thinks that businessman people often announce of new projects in parties like this.


“Waise tum logo ne kaunsi colour ki dress khareedi hai” asked muskaan excitedly. “Miene toh yellow colour ki dress li hai” says Nikki while blushing since yellow colour is abhimanyu’s favourite colour. Both muskaan and riddhima say together “ohhhhh”. They know Nikki likes abhimanyu so they always teasing her. “Shut up guys” nikki says. To divert the topic nikki asks muskaan “which colour dress have you bought?”Muskaan without realising says “blue colour”. Hearing this a mischivious smile came on riddhima’s face and she speaks “blue colour wow its rahuls favourite colour”. Hearing this muskaan immediately speaks “oye uss kankhajoore ka naam mat le”. Seeing her getting hyperactive, Nikki thinks it better to change the topic so she ask riddhima “which colour dress have you taken?”


“Red colour” riddhima says. “As expected” says nikki while muskaan just giggles. Seeing her friends like this riddhima couldn’t control and asks them “Why are you guys laughing? “You mostly buy dress of red colour and red colour is armaans favourite colour” muskaan says. Before she could continue, further riddhima cuts her off and says “I know that so what?” Muskaan says “Nothing you wont understand”. Hearing this Nikki giggles and riddhima look confused so she asks “why wouldn’t I understand?” This time nikki replies “because you are a baby”. Hearing this riddhima gets offended and replies saying her famous dialogue “I am not baby did you get it and please tell me what did you mean”. Hearing this, girls chuckle and nikki says “abhi nahiin phir kabhi chal class ke liye der ho rahi hai”. They stand up and go for their class while riddhima keeps thinking ‘what do they mean by I wont understand and so what if I have taken a red colour dress? Above all so what if its armaan’s favourite colour? I really fail to understand them’.


The next class was the last class for the day. It was decided that the girls would go to riddhima’s house to get ready for the party while guys will go to armaan’s house to get ready. When riddhima reaches her home with nikki and muskaan they eat some food as they were feeling hungry and then go to riddhima’s room to take a sweet nap. Meanwhile in armaans home firstly all three of them talk with Anjali and atul, discuss about the evening’s preparations and the gift they have bought for them. After sometime they all feel the need to sleep because evening will be hectic for them.


In the evening when girls wake up they panic because they have very less time to get ready. They were supposed to get up one hour before now they have only one and half hour to get ready so, without wasting any time they start getting ready. Meanwhile guys had already woken up also because the noise didn’t let them sleep.


After few moments the girls enter the house and so the guest. Armaan is stunned seeing riddhima, she is wearing a red colour anarkali dress. ‘She is looking beautiful’ armaan thinks. Whereas Rahul murmurs “wao” after seeing muskaan in blue dress. ‘She was looking stunning’ Rahul thinks. While abhimanyu just looks at nikki and thinks ‘she is looking pretty’. When nikki feels abhimanyu is looking at her she blushes but since she is standing far away he couldn’t see her blushing. Muskaan just shakes her head seeing Rahul whereas riddhima smiles seeing armaan looking at her. Armaan walks towards riddhima and whispers in her ears “basket you are looking very beautiful today”. Hearing this riddhima blushes and no one notices it, even she didn’t realise that she is blushing. All of them are busy talking when they hear billy’s voice.


“Hello everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the party. My best friend shashank and I are here to announce that we have decided to merge one of our business unit. Yes, soon a merger will happen and in future it be handled by Armaan mallik and Riddhima gupta. Until they complete their studies, my other son atul mallik will handle the company. Shashank and I will continue to work in our individual company”. After hearing this, armaan and riddhima were in shock along with their friends. Padma, Ananya, Anjali and atul were not shocked because they were aware of this announcement.


Coming up


Will armaan riddhima agree to enter the business?

Does party has something more to it than it seems?

The gang decides to go to a disco will riddhima agree to it?


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