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His Way Update 3

August 16, 2017



Hearing about the merger along with the news of handling the business in future, armaan riddhima were shocked along with the entire gang except Padma ananya and atul Anjali. It seems they knew about this announcement. Billy continues further, “I request armaan and riddhima to come here and sign few documents for the merger”. Hearing this armaan and riddhima look into each other’s eyes. Riddhima whispers, “What should we do now?” Armaan smiles and answers, “what else come let’s sign the papers”. Riddhima feels something is wrong but fails to point out so she says “you sure we will be able to handle it?” Armaan smiles and blinks his eyes telling her ‘yes’ that they will be able to handle it. “Basket when you and I are together then we can handle anything this is just a company” armaan says. Hearing this riddhima instantly asks him “But like school or college days you won’t give me the work to complete it right?” Hearing this armaan tries to control his laughter and says, “When you know this then why are you asking me? Since childhood you are helping me in completing my work then why you think anything different will happen now?” Armaan starts walking towards the stage without giving riddhima a chance to speak. After hearing armaan, riddhima’s mouth is opened she could not belief her ears. She looks towards armaan who turns and winks at her with a smile. She shakes her head and starts walking towards the stage.


Meanwhile, Padma and ananya come and stand next to shashank and billy respectively. Padma whispers into shashank’s ear “I feel you should tell the truth to children”. At the same time, ananya whispers to billy “You should announce the full truth”.Billy looks at ananya and says, “Not today, when time will be right then we will announce it. For now, let them sign the merger papers. Let them first come out of this shock, they are not prepared for the other shock right now”. On the other hand, shashank whispers to Padma “No, not right now. The other announcement can happen later when we feel they are ready to take the shock“. Padma looks towards ananya who shakes her head. Ananya asks padma by raising her eyebrows and Padmaa shakes her head. Both were bit sad but then smile when they see armaan riddhima coming towards the stage.


Armaan and riddhima reach on stage. Both were having so happy that their smiles could be visible to people who are standing far off. “Come kids take these papers and sign them” says billy and hand them the papers which they take smilingly. “I hope they don’t read the papers otherwise they will know everything. I am feeling scared ananya” says Padma while pressing ananya’s hand.  “Even I am scared what will happen if they’ll read the papers? How will we explain them?” ananya says. Both were looking very tensed yet were trying their level best not to show it on their faces. When armaan and riddhima take the papers they look at each other. Riddhima whispers to armaan “do we have the time to read the papers?” Armaan smiles and shakes his head in ‘No’. “But it’s a rule you shouldn’t sign any paper without reading” riddhima says. Armaan replies “I know but if we’ll start reading papers the whole evening will pass. Anyways they will be merger papers so chill”.


Shashank, Padma, billy and ananya sigh when armaan and riddhima sign the papers without reading them. Now only their destiny knows when and how the truth will be revealed to them about these papers. The moment they hand the papers to billy and shashank the audience claps for them where as the gang whistles for them. Shashank takes the mike and says, “As soon as the merger is legalised by the court we will have a big celebration then. Continue enjoying the party”. After papers were signed, shashank and billy were happy because armaan and riddhima didn’t read the documents. If they would have read it they would have got to know the truth. A truth, which is not supposed to be revealed now, but taking the signature was equally important for them. Padma says “I feel what we have done is wrong we should have told them the entire truth before taking their signatures”. Shashank replies irritably “We have talked about it lets not repeat the whole conversation”. Ananya intervenes by asks “What if in future nothing happens as the plan then what will happen?” Hearing this billy and shashank think for a moment. Billy says “Let’s leave thinking of future, present matters more”. Padma and ananya remain silent and then leave to attend the guest.


The party is now on full swing, the gang is on the dance floor shaking their bodies according to the tunes. “Guys I have an idea” says armaan and all others stop dancing. In harmony, they asks “kya?” Armaan smiles and says, “I am not deaf, one of you could have also asked me. Anyways why don’t we go to a disco tomorrow to celebrate riddhima’s and mine entry in the business world?” All were happy and were ready to go except riddhima. She was feeling uncomfortable after listening to disco plan because she hates the smell of alcohol. Armaan notices her shock face and asks, “Oye basket what happened why you look so shock you don’t want go?” Riddhima says while pointing, “I don’t want to go to disco and you guys keep going so go but I will not go. Anyways what will I do there? I’ll get bored”. Hearing this everyone, tries to control their laughter but armaan could not.


Armaan starts laughing like a maniac and riddhima after seeing armaan laughing at her she stares at him with anger. “Armaan why are you laughing so much I haven’t cracked any joke” riddhima asks in an irritated tone. “Oh really I thought it’s a joke” says armaan while laughing in between. “Haha very funny” says riddhima who was getting irritated with armaans constant laughing. She turns to leave but armaan holds her wrist and pulls her towards him. She bangs into his hard chest and looks into his eyes. Armaan stops laughing and looks into her eyes. He says, “basket look stop behaving like a kid you are now in second year of college. Anyways you haven’t been to disco so how will you know how much fun it is and I promise you, you will not get bored all of us will be there with you. Trust me you’ll have fun“. Meanwhile riddhima tries to understand what he said and then nods her head saying she will go to disco with them. Seeing her nodding her head armaan bents towards her ear and whispers “kissi ne tumhare saath flirt kiya na toh mien usse zinda nahiin chodonga tumhari kasam”. After saying that he moves back and winks at riddhima. “Oye ridzy now you will come with us right?”muskaan asks riddhima. Riddhima looks at her first and then at armaan. She nods her head in agreement. They all hi fived with each other while riddhima thinks, “When armaan was so close to me why I was shivering? We have hugged each other so many times but today when he was so close to me why I felt different?” she could not think further because muskaan shakes her and raises her eyebrows asking ‘what’. Riddhima just shakes her head saying nothing and they all start dancing again.


Shashank and billy who were getting congratulations from every one were smiling full heartedly. They were so happy today that their happiness could be seen to others as well. Other businessmen who were present in the party were trying to read between the lines. Merger announcement definitely meant competition is going to be tough but they were curious to know the reason behind the merger. They want to know how they can be affected or to which extend their business will get affected by this merger. Billy and shashank excused themselves after talking a lot on business to others. They went and sat down on the table.


“Yaar shashank maza aa gaya aaj ka din toh boht khaas ho gaya hain na” says billy and shashank just smiles after hearing his friend. “Billy my friend what we are doing is right, right?” asks shashank who was thinking about ananyas words. “Why are you asking this?” asks billy who had forgotten ananya’s wordings. Shashank reminds him of ananya’s words and that is when he realises why shashank is asking him this question. However, he had told ananya not to think of future but somewhere down the line, he feels what if children don’t agree with their planning? How will they react? Will they understand them? Though both shashank and him have talked about this many times and every time the conclusion was that they would reveal it only when time is right. Nevertheless, they themselves don’t know when that time would come but certainly today was not the time to tell them. “Its good we have got their signature on those papers and above all we should be thankful to god that they didn’t read those papers. If they would have read the document then I don’t know what would have happened” shashank says. “My friend we have talked a lot about this. I think we should wait for the right time and till then let’s enjoy this moment. ” said billy and again the talk was stopped on this. From their heart they felt bad that they didn’t tell their children but just prayed that they understand them and don’t react on it much.


It was time for ananya and billy to cut the cake so shashank and billy walk towards the stage. Shashank was standing next to billy whereas Padma was standing next to ananya. Atul Anjali were standing next to shashank whereas riddhima and armaan were standing next to Padma. Only the Gupta’s and Mallik’s were on stage whereas others were standing down including the gang. Ananya and billy pick up a knife and cut the cake together. They first feed each other with cake then billy feeds shashank whereas ananya feeds Padma. Afterwards, billy feed atul Anjali armaan and riddhima and ananya feed them as well. Everyone was clapping all this while. In background a music was playing, Dj had played the music congratulations and celebrations. A champagne is opened and the dinner is ready to be served. They all eat the dinner and finally the day is over it was filled with loads of masti, fun and shock. Before leaving armaan reminds them that tomorrow in college they will decide which disco to go. They all nod their heads but riddhima is still in a confusion whether to go or not. She trust’s armaan but she has never been to such place and does not even wants to go. She stops thinking and decides she will go with the flow.


Next morning, the alarm clock rings but armaan as usual does not get up instead, he switches it off and hides his face in pillow. He is very tired due to yesterday night’s party and thinks he will bunk the first class by going late to college. Suddenly his door opens and ananya and Anjali walk inside. They see armaan sleeping; they shake their head and walk towards him to wake him up. When he was not waking up Anjali brings a jug full of water from the washroom and throws it on armaan. He wakes up immediately and sits straight on his bed with a frown on his face. “Kya hai aap logo ko itni subha subha utha diya mujhe” Hearing this ananya smiles and asks, “Don’t you have to go to college?” Armaan shakes his head and ananya and Anjali looks at him with a confuse look. “Ammy is there a holiday in college today?” Anjali asks.


Armaan smiles and say “meri pyaari maa or bhabhi yeh college hai school nahiin jo time pe nahiin pochoge toh darwaze band ho jaynge arey pehli class main nahiin jaonga second class se college attend kar loonga thodi der sone do na please kal kitna kaam kiya tha thak gaya hun” armaan whines like a small kid. Ananya smiles and says “you may want to attend the second class but riddhima would like to attend the college from the very first class. So, wake up and get ready”. She ruffles his hair. “Maa baal mat chuo (touch)” says armaan while moving his head away from his mom’s hand. She giggles and stand up. Before leaving the room, she says, “Get ready fast”. Armaan nods his head. He curse his luck, because of riddhima he has to get up and go to college now. Then, he smiles and thinks he loves dropping her to college.




When Padma hears about riddhima getting admission in a college she gets tense thinking how will riddhima go to a new place where she knows no one? She rushes to mallik house to meet ananya and shares her worries with her best friend. Hearing her friend ananya smiles. Seeing her friend smiling she does not know, how to react. Here she is sharing her worries and her friend is smiling instead of consoling her. “Here I am tensed and you are smiling not done ananaya” Padma says.


“I am smiling because don’t you know armaan has also got admission in the same college. Also, their friends too got admission in the same college” ananya says. Hearing this, Padma sighs that her daughter will have a company and if that company is armaan then she has no tension. Armaan who was coming down stairs to get water heard Padma and ananya’s conversation. He comes forward and says “aunty don’t worry nothing will happen to basket. I will pick her up everyday and we’ll go to college together”. He knows how much Padma worries for riddhima so he just gave her an assurance that he would be there for riddhima hearing this Padma smiles and sighs.




He remembers the day and smiles. He stands up to go towards the washroom. He comes down and hugs his mom, anjali and atul. His dad was not here because he had some meeting so he had left early in morning. He says bye and walks towards the gupta mansion. He reaches gupta mansion and asks Padma where riddhima is. She tells him that riddhima hasn’t woken up yet. He smiles and walks towards her room. He enters her room and sees she is sleeping. When he walks towards the bed, he sees she looks like an angel while sleeping. He did not want to disturb her but realises because of her his mother had spoiled his sleep then how can he let her sleep peacefully. He uses the same technique that Anjali used on him. The moment he throws water on riddhima she opens her eyes immediately. When she realises it was armaan she takes a pillow and throws at him. Armaan catches the pillow and says, “Oh hello I don’t want to join the cricket team stop throwing things at me”. Riddhima gets irritated with him and says, “Why did you spoil my sleep by throwing water? I will throw more stuff on you so practice catching it”. “Yeah whatever get ready fast. I am waiting downstairs for you” armaan says this and then leaves the room.


He was eating his breakfast, which Padma has made for him. It has now become a routine for her to make breakfast for armaan and riddhima. Soon riddhima comes down and sits next to armaan.she starts eating her breakfast. After eating, they hug Padma and leave for college. During journey, armaan reminds riddhima about their evening plans. He notices her confuse look, he understood she is still in doubt. He repeats his words again and assures her that he will be there so she doesn’t needs to worry at all. She nods her head and replies she will go to the disco. Upon reaching college he realises he had to take the revenge from that junior. He asks riddhima to go to the class and he will come in five minutes. He searches for that junior but then comes to know that he is absent today. He cursed his bad luck and walks towards his class.


The moment college finishes they sigh and rush back to their house. They all finish their assignment that needs to be submitted tomorrow. After finishing, they all sleep for a while and then get ready to leave. They all had decided to meet in armaans house so they all reach there on time. Everyone is in shock after seeing riddhima’s dress. “Riddhima tum yeh pehnkar disco jaogi” asks muskaan who could not believe that riddhima will wear this and go to disco. Riddhima looks at her and then says “toh isme kya problem hai”. Boys just shake their head while nikki says “disco mien salwaar kameez pehnke thodi na jate hain buddhu”. She innocently asks them “then what should I wear please explain”. Hearing this, guys were trying to hold their laughter. Armaan controls his laughter and says “basket don’t behave like a kid I know you are doing it purposely so that you don’t have to go. Now go and change we are waiting for you”.


She shakes her head and says “no no I will not wear disco clothes and I don’t even have one. I will not go to disco”. Everyone just hit their fore head and think now what will they do. They try telling her that she can borrow the dress it will not be a problem but she keeps on refusing it. They even tell her they will not give her too much of revealing dress but she is too adamant and keeps on refusing their every idea. All this while armaan’s anger keeps increasing. He being a short-tempered person starts losing his cool. From half an hour, they were trying to make her understand but she wasn’t listening to them. She is behaving like a small kid who keeps whining and it is irritating him. He tries controlling his anger by closing his fist and eyes. Many of them don’t realise it as they are busy making riddhima understand. Armaan shouts in anger and says “bas”. Everyone looks at him. They can see anger on his face. Seeing him like this riddhima gulps down her saliva and thinks now what will happen to her. Who will save her from his anger?


Coming up

Will armaan be able to control his anger????

Does riddhima agrees to go to the disco??????

A fight in the disco but why does it happens????


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