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August 21, 2017


Today there is lots of hustle bustle on the sets; everyone is running here and there, checking the last minute preparations. The set is looking marvellous and magnificent; it is giving a feel of ‘wow’ in simple words. All spot boys were lighting the candles and fixing the lights. The director and cameraman were discussing how the scene will get shot. Today is the day when they will shoot a romantic scene between the lead. The scene will be such that they will display an emotion that is falling in love. Though, the set is given a romantic feeling but the tension can easily be seen on the directors and cameramen’s face. The creative director and the scriptwriter enter the sets and walk up to the director and the cameraman. The four of them start discussing the scene, they want to make sure whatever they have thought comes out exactly like that. They are also discussing the position of the camera’s and where will armaan and riddhima stand. Camera’s were placed on all possible angle so that their expressions are captured from all sides. In the meantime, the light men’s were adjusting the light. After discussing for long, finally things were decided though it wasn’t an easy task they had argued over it a lot. Each point of view by each one of them were just making the scene look better. So, after a lot of arguing it is time to shoot the scene.


Riddhima’s makeup room


She is sitting in front of the mirror and getting ready for the scene. She was given the dress for the scene when she had arrived on sets and she had liked her dress. She is getting her hair straightened, as it is the requirement for the scene. Since it takes time to straighten your hairs, she is simply sitting and remembering how the creative director and the scriptwriter explained her, her scenes. She doesn't know why she is feeling nervous, in the past also she has done romantic scenes, then why today is she feeling bit weird. Along with feeling nervous and weird. She is having some tingling feeling in her, she can also feel goose bumps in her stomach. Her thoughts were broken when the hair dresser says her hairs are straightened. Also, plaits were made and now she can get the makeup done. She nods her head in agreement and the hair dresser leaves the room. Riddhima looks at her make up box and sighs. Finally, the makeup artist does her makeup. She smiles hearing this and simply nods her head and mumbles a thank you to the makeup artist. After looking at herself for the last time in the mirror, she left her room to the place where the scene is about to be shot.


Armaan’s makeup room


He is sitting on the chair and eating his food. Also, he is reading some random magazine, which was kept there. When he finishes eating his food someone knocks at his door. He stands up, walks towards the door, and opens it. A spot boy is holding a dress in his hand. He nods his head and takes the dress from him. He quickly changes into the dress and stands in front of the mirror, checks his hairs. He picks up a gel bottle and applies it on his hair. He has little makeup to do so he prefers doing it himself. While doing the makeup he remembers about the scene, it is supposed to be a romantic scene, but something inside him is saying it is just not a scene it has more to it. Before he could think, further there is again a knock on his door. When he opens the door, he is told that the shot is ready and he is required to come to the shooting place. He nods his head and starts walking towards the required destination.


On the sets people were still doing their last minute preparations, all of them were in their required place that is the director and cameraman sitting next to each other and looking at the monitor whereas the lightens and sound departments were being given last minute instructions regarding their work. Amidst all this, everyone fails to realise that actors have entered the place. Co incidentally, both armaan and riddhima have entered the sets together. While entering they bump into each other. Riddhima quickly mumbles am sorry to him, but he is busy staring at her. He looks at her and he is lost in her beauty. She is looking beautiful and out of this world, he thinks. Since everyone is busy doing their work none notice them looking into each other’s eyes. Riddhima is wearing a red suit, her hair tied with two strands of hair loose on either sides.


Both of them were staring into each other only. They were so busy staring each other that they were oblivious to the world. Both have seen each other previously many a times, but why all of a sudden they are feeling something is different? Suddenly they hear the director’s voice “armaan and riddhima the shot is ready come fast”. They look at each other and force a smile. They start walking towards the area where the scene needs to be shot. “Ok, so both of you are aware of what’s going to be shot? And how it will be shot?” the director says and both riddhima and armaan nod their head in agreement. “Ok then come on lets shoot this” says the director and walks towards his seat, which is next to the cameraman. Riddhima and armaan take their position and wait for the clue so that they can start enacting their scene. The director takes a deep breath and says “action”. The moment director says action the lights were switched on. Silence prevails on sets; there is a pin drop silence on the sets.


Riddhima is standing within the frame and lights the matchstick. The moment she lights it the song starts playing.


(Male Voice)

asmani rang ho,
pyaar ki boond ho,

roshni ho,
dhoop ho,

chahaton ki goonj ho


Armaan comes into the frame and stands in front of her. Both of them were staring at each other and then he bents down and riddhima keeps her foot on his knees. The eye lock is still intact between the two.


Riddhima doesn’t know why feels she isn’t acting any more. She feels it’s real. Whenever he comes infront of her she just keeps on staring at him and in no way is able to remove her eyes from him.


Whereas Armaan is feeling different, some unknown feelings were over powering him, but he is unable to pinpoint it.

aanchal mein hain dhanak chandni,
haaton mein woh chaand hai,
gairon se bhi hai wasta
apno mein pehchan hai,


He takes the measure of her ankles and after that looks at riddhima. After a few seconds, he slowly takes out a payal and ties it around her ankle. He then stands up looking at her.


When he looks at her, she feels something in his eyes, something which she hasn’t seen till date. She can no longer remove her eyes from him, heck she is not even acting now. She thinks ‘hey god, what is happening to me? The Director will just now say cut because of my weird expressions’.


Armaan thinks ‘when I touch her why a current ran through my body, what does it means?’

ta ra ra ra ta ri ra,

ta ra ra ra ta ri ra

ta ra ra ra ta ri ra

 tu zindagi
mera izhaar hai..


He holds her hand and keeps at his shoulder. He starts measuring her wrist with the help of the measuring tape.


When armaan had held her hand, she thought, ‘Why did I feel different when he touched me? Why did my heartbeat increase? This has happened first time with me. I have shot many romantic scenes in past, but why today while doing this scene I feel different. What has changed today? Why I am not able to understand it?


On the other side, Armaan thought ‘I have held her hands many times in past while doing the scene but why this time I am feeling urgh why can’t I understand it? Why can’t I explain it in words?’

pyaar hi pyar hai,
yaaron ki yaar hai,
tu zindagi ......


Riddhima tries to remove her hands from his shoulders, but he stops her from doing it. He slips two bangles in her hand and kiss her on her knuckles. He moves a step back and twirls her. Now riddhima’s back is touching his front and his nose is on riddhima’s cheeks. She closes her eyes.


ta ra ra rat ta ri ra[3], tu zindagi

tujhse main kya kahoon
tu hi mera sukoon,
sang tere rahoon,
tu zindagi!!!!!


Riddhima thinks ‘yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai kyun uske choone se mujhe ajeeb sa mehsoos ho raha hai mien pehle bhi toh romantic scenes kar chuki hoon toh ab kya alag hai? mujhe kya ho raha hai? or abhi tak director ne cut kyun nahiin bola mien acting kaha kar rahi hoon? Yeh acting nahiin hai per agar ye acting nahiin hai toh phir yeh hai kya! Hey bhagwaan ab mujhe iska jawab kaise milega yeh serial toh hai nahiin jaha mujhe koi batayga per mien khud hi confused hoon toh khud toh jawab milne se raha lekin phir aakhir kaar mujhe batayga kaun agar mien khud nahiin toh?’


Armaan thinks ‘mujhe toh sirf kiss karna tha haathon pe usko twirl nahiin karna tha yeh improvisation achi hai per kyun ki miene or abhi tak director ne cut kyun nahiin bola? Kyun nahiin toka yeh keh kar ki yeh galat hai! or meine improvisation ki toh kyun ki? Uughh mien kyun khud se pooch raha hoon jab mien hi khud confuse hoon per kissi or se bhi toh nahiin pooch sakta ab karu toh kya karu?


(Female Voice)
asmani rang ho,
pyaar ki boond ho,
roshni ka aang ho
mein tere dhoop hu
tujhe se hi hai meri bandagi
tujh se hi meri jaan hai
saaya tera mera aashiyaan
tu mera armaan hai


He comes in front of her and looks into her eyes. He starts coming closer to her slowly-slowly and now their lips were just inches apart both can feel each other’s breath.


Riddhima thinks ‘I can feel his hot breath on my lips, but why my mind says do something wild? Why I feel like kissing him? I have never felt like this in the past what is happening with me’.


Armaan thinks ‘why am I hell bent on pulling her closer to me? Why my brain and heart not in sync? My heart says kiss her, but brain says complete the scene as it is your work, whom should I hear?’


la ra la ra la ra (3) tu zindagi
mera izhaar tu
mera iqraar tu
pyaar hi pyaar tu....tu zindagi

ta ra ra rat ta ri ra[3], tu zindagi


Before both of them could think further, the director shouts “cut” and everyone starts whispering about how good the shot was. Hearing the voices both riddhima and armaan come out of their thoughts and look at the surroundings to which they were oblivion till now. The director walks up to them and says, “You guys were brilliant it was an awesome shot I am sure your fans will love it”. After speaking to them, he walks back to the place and starts discussing the scene with the editor. He gives the tape to the editor for editing it.


Both of them were quiet because they were still thinking about the scene they did just now. “Riddhima and armaan you can go and relax, next scene isn’t yours. We will call you when your presence will be required for the scene,” says one of the creative head and this brings them back to reality. At this moment both of them think this is the best way to sort out their confusion so they both walk back towards their makeup room. At this moment the confusion will not solve soon there were yet many things coming up. Only when the place, time and moment is right they will get their answers.


Before entering their makeup room, they hear the director say “Action”. Both smile at this word and enter their makeup room.


Hey Everyone, 

The song used is the one which used to play as background tune in the show. Looking forward for your feedback/reviews/suggestions. Please do leave your comments as they help me to improve and also they motivate me to write more. Please don't forget to click the heart button as well. 





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