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Judwa 2 Movie Review

October 2, 2017

Judwa 2 Story: The story of Judwa2 is same as original Judwa. Raja and Prem are conjoined twins, who have similar reflexes. Something which was used very less in original Judwa. At the time of birth, a smuggler called Charles (Zakir Hussain) separates them from each other. He kidnaps Raja in order to save himself from getting arrested. Eventually he is arrested but before that, he makes everyone believe that raja died in the blast done by him. Prem grows up with his parents in London. He lives a luxurious life, but instead of being a cool dude he turns out to be a geek. On the other hand, Raja who had survived the incident finds shelter in a Mumbai's fisherman's colony. When the twins cross each other’s paths, the fun begins.


Movie Review: When it was announced that Judwa would be remade there were many speculations, comparisons, etc. When the trailer was released half the speculations such as will the story be same or different were cleared. Yes, the new film is almost like the old one - it is as if they used the same script with few comedy scenes added. On the other hand, comparison increased with the trailer launch.


Like story, even the characters remain the same as the original Judwaa. Anupam Kher (who played a cop in the 1997 film), fills in for Kader Khan, who has a nosy brother in law same as original Judwa. Rajpal Yadav is the new Shakti Kapoor and Upasana Singh reprises Bindu. Karisma Kapoor and Rambha have been replaced with Taapsee Pannu and Jacqueline Fernandez. Nevertheless, Taapsee and Jacqueline fail in expressions required for the dance and scenes. They were neither able to match the grace, nor the talent of Karisma and Rambha. Also in the song ‘Tu aa Toh sahi’, the concept and picturisation is similar to original movie’s song ‘duniya main aye ho’ but Varun fails, you feel like its Varun dancing and not prem and raja which Salman depicted quite good. 


The twins who share bodily reflexes, such scenes were less in the original movie, but here the first half was full of scenes displaying bodily reflexes. The villains come back to take revenge from the family. The brothers get together to save their father and family from the villain in the climax. Unlike the original, the villain here escapes without being caught. The two scenes were left hanging in the air; they were not given proper end. First, when prem is arrested instead of raja, unlike the original where his father bails him out here it is not shown so one needs to assume it was Mr. Malhotra who helps him come out of the jail. Secondly, as I said the villain escapes without being arrested.


Even after so many loopholes, one can watch the movie as it will make you laugh. It is a good time pass movie.

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