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Love Vs Possessiveness Update 16

November 5, 2017



Armaan walked inside the room only to witness a studious riddhima. He smiled seeing her like this. He thought when he would enter the room he would find a nervous and scared riddhima but she surprised him. When riddhima felt armaan’s presence, she looked at him. Both stared into each other’s eyes. Everything else became oblivion to them.


Armaan (Breaks the eye lock): You amaze me riddhima. Just few minutes back you were shivering due to fear and now calmly reading a book.


Riddhima who was sitting on the bed stood up immediately but this time rather than being scared she was calm and composed. Armaan tried studying her behaviour but failed to comprehend it. He was busy analysing the situation, he was confused how to behave or what to speak in this situation.


Riddhima: I was revising for an upcoming exam.


Armaan: Exam? When is it?


Riddhima: By the end of this week.


Armaan: Cool, I was anyways planning an outing for this weekend. Glad to know you will be free. Did you eat your food? (Riddhima nodded her head in agreement and armaan smiled). Anyways that was not what I wanted to discuss, I have more serious issues to discuss so shall we?


Riddhima nodded her in agreement and started walking with armaan to an adjacent room. The moment she entered the room she realised its armaan’s study room. Armaan gestured her to sit on the chair in front of a table. Armaan then brought his laptop and switched it on.


Armaan: Please remember, this is not to scare you riddhima. From here on, I am quite sure before you think of lying to me you will think twice or may be thrice as well.


Riddhima gulped down her saliva and with a blank face looked at armaan. Armaan clicked an application and a video started running. Riddhima who was seeing the video panicked. Her pulse rate increased, her eyes widened in horror and the fear that she had successfully controlled, returned. She looked at armaan but this time instead of a blank face, she looked at him with questioning eyes. Armaan smiled and gestured her to watch the video until end.

The video showed her friends daily routine. The video showed all their activities they do, from the time they step out of their home and until the time they step inside their home. The cameraman had followed them everywhere. Surprisingly, none of them noticed that they were being followed and being filmed. This was scary. When the video ended, armaan clicked on another application and another video started playing.


The second video was even scarier than the first one. Just like previous video, it showed her friends daily routine. However, what scared her most was that there were few stills from inside the house as well. At the end, what surprised riddhima even more was that this video had her daily routine videos as well? She sighed, as there was no stills of her from inside the house. After the video ended, she was speechless and numb for few seconds. It was armaan’s voice which brought her back to reality.


Armaan: I know this video has scared you and you have many questions to ask. I can see that on your face. But, like I said earlier it was not my intention to scare you but rather I want you to be aware of few things. Firstly, the first video was taken by me to know your friends. I wanted to know about them like what they do? Are they good people to be around etc? Also, through my sources I eventually got to know about them. Secondly, our rivals took the second video that you saw. They know they cannot beat us in the market so, they are resorting to such measures. I cannot tell you more than this but I expect you to tell me about your whereabouts whenever I ask. Last but not the least always pick my phone; you have no idea what I go through when you don’t pick your phone.


Riddhima kept starring at armaan while he was busy closing his laptop. Riddhima thought for few seconds was he the same armaan who always scared her? After knowing someone was out there to harm her, at this moment, she felt armaan was more scared than she for her was. For the first time in their entire life, she was seeing a caring armaan. Nevertheless, was this enough for her to forget his harsh behaviour? No, not at all. She knows some behaviour cannot be changed as they are in built, they can be controlled but only for short period. Natural behaviour would always surface once the controlling power ends.


Armaan: Now that serious talks are over lets talk something romantic.


Riddhima (Thinks): And the old armaan makes an entry.

Riddhima gulped down her saliva. Armaan pulled her chair indicating her to stand up. Riddhima nervously stood up. Armaan held her hand and started walking out of the study room. Armaan entered his bedroom along with riddhima. Armaan then locked his door.




Muskaan entered her house and straight away went to kirti’s room. Kirti was watching TV when muskaan entered her room.


Kirti: Hi bacha you back, I was going to call you to check whats taking you so long to come.


Muskaan: You won’t ask about riddhima mom? She hasn’t come back with me yet if you can see.


Kirti: You think I don’t worry for riddhima? I know where she is. She is with arman.


Muskaan: Exactly mom she is with armaan the person from whom she is scared. Why did you agree to let her stay with him?


Kirti (shocked that muskaan knows she gave permission): Who told you?


Muskaan: Who ever told me doesn’t matter what matters is that you agreed. Mom riddhima is scared of armaan, his behaviour doesn’t let her stay in peace.


Kirti: come here sit next to me (Muskaan did as was told). Muskaan I know riddhima is scared of armaan but I also feel she needs to be with armaan to understand him after all they have to spend their rest of the life together.


Muskaan: Mom don’t you think she knows armaan well enough? We have spent our childhood together isn’t this time enough?


Kirti: Are you the same person as you were in childhood? No right? Likewise even armaan must have changed considering he has stayed outside India for too long. Riddhima too changed in his absence. It’s the best time to get to know each other as there is no responsibility and pressure of family life.


Muskaan: They can get to know each other here as well why leave them alone then?


Kirti (smilingly): Here you are there to spoil their private moments.


Muskaan: Mom this is not funny.


Kirti: I am not kidding either.


Muskaan makes faces and then left the room. Kirti smiled at her child and went back to seeing TV.




Riddhima was sitting on bed while armaan was standing near the window. He was starring at the sky. Riddhima did not know what to do so she was starring at armaan. Armaan felt riddhima’s gaze and smiled seeing the stars.


Armaan: You know this place has a clear sky and you can see the stars quite clearly. When I was outside India, I used to watch these stars. They used to help me in calming down.


Riddhima: People say when some one dies they become stars so I often look at stars to feel mom’s presence.


Armaan: Well I do not believe in that saying I only look at them because they look beautiful.


Before riddhima could say anything armaan’s phone rang. Riddhima watched him picking up his phone.


Armaan: Hi Bhabhi, how are you?


Anjali: You know how much worried I was when you didn’t return. Thank Rahul who informed atul about your stay in farmhouse. Otherwise, I would have fainted thinking where you are.


Armaan: chill Bhabhi nothing will happen to me.


Anjali: You and I both know you have more enemies than friends and anything can happen.


Armaan: Bhabhi don’t stress please, just take some rest. Goodnight Bhabhi


Anjali: This topic is not over yet. How is Riddhima?


Armaan: Much better.


Anjali: She is too young to understand the seriousness of the situation so tackle the way you always do. Anyways Goodnight.


Armaan: Sure Bhabhi, love you Goodnight.




Atul: Now are you fine after talking to your beloved devar?


Anjali: Stop being sarcastic if you hadn’t come home on time I would have gone crazy thinking where he is.


Atul: He is not a kid anymore, I am sure he can keep himself safe. Also, he has many bodyguards to take care of him.


Anjali: It doesn’t take much time to change side what if one of them is sold and betrays armaan by killing him?


Atul: Anjali don’t think too much and let’s enjoy. Ever since armaan has returned we hardly got time to spend alone.


Anjali: Somebody is having naughty thoughts isn’t it?


Atul: when you know it then why waste time? (Atul picked Anjali up in his arms and started walking towards their bedroom. He locked the door once they were inside their bedroom. They finally got time to romance).




Riddhima was waiting for armaan to cut his call because she wanted to know who are those people armaan was talking about. Does that mean she will never be able to roam freely? The fact that someone was following her friends and her was scaring her to some extent. The moment the call-ended, she started thinking of how to ask her questions.


Riddhima: Armaan may I ask you something?


Armaan: If it is related to who those people are then no.


Riddhima now had nothing to ask. It seemed like armaan was way ahead than her, he already knew what she was going to ask.


Armaan: Quite huh? So, you were going to ask me that only.


Riddhima: does that mean I’ll never be allowed to roam like a free bird?


Armaan: Riddhima whats the harm in taking permission before going? That way I will know where you are going and with whom?


Riddhima: But you mostly deny it (riddhima whined like a kid).


Armaan (smiled): Hhmm keep trying.


Armaan stood up and started walking towards riddhima. Riddhima gulped down her saliva in nervousness. What would happen now? Would armaan come close to her as he always does?




Sleep was miles away for muskaan. She was continuously tossing on her bed. Finally she gave up and and stood up. She walked towards her table where water was kept. She drank the water to calm her nerves and heartbeat. She wiped the sweat that formed on her forehead. She walked back towards her bed and checked her phone.

Muskaan checked her network, if it is coming or not because what if riddhima was trying to contact her and her phone was out of network. However, her phone was working fine network was full. Muskaan then started pacing in her room.


Muskaan (self-talking): Should I call her? I think I should call her up and check if everything is fine or not. But, if I call and say something which armaan wouldn’t like then all his anger will get released on riddhima which I don’t want. What should I do? Should I make Rahul call? No that will land him in problem and next time I will not have anyone to help me. (She stands near the window and looks up at the sky). Please God keep riddhima safe.


Muskaan after she prayed went back to her bed and laid down. Even though sleep was miles away she tried to get some sleep. After few minutes, she woke up panting. She saw a bad dream. She saw riddhima returned home with bruises over her body.


Muskaan: Relax muski armaan can never hit riddhima that is for sure. I trust him that much at least.


Coming up: - Riddhima shares with muskaan, Riddhima gets opportunity to perform and armaan says no, riddhima performs will armaan know?


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