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Tumhari Sulu Movie Review

November 20, 2017

Tumhari Sulu Story: A happy-go-lucky Mumbai suburban homemaker Sulochana, fondly known as Sulu, lands the role of a night RJ, resulting in drastic changes to her routine life.


Tumhari Sulu Review: Tumhari Sulu aims to narrate a story of a couple and their journey to achieve happiness. It is a happy story that depicts a day-to-day life of a normal family. One can instantly feel a connect while seeing the movie. The movie directed by Suresh Triveni, is about how sulu becomes a late night Radio Jockey. Sulu is someone who loves to try different things in life be it a competition or work. She believes that she is capable of doing anything, she calls herself multi-talented and indeed she is. Her will to do something new always encourages her to try variety of competition. This makes her participates in a radio contest and she wins the competition held by a radio station. When she goes to collect her prize she sees a poster which says hiring a new RJ. From then on, she wants to become an RJ. When she meets the boss (Neha Dhupia) she says “main kar sakti hai” (I can do it). At first, she takes this RJ audition as a joke but later on wants to do it. Her attractive voice lands her up a job and thus she becomes a RJ.


Vidya Balan makes Sulu appealing by bringing out the various shades of a woman who has put her personal ambitions on hold because of her family. Also, the rest of the cast gives a strong performance. Manav Kaul, in particular, is casted as Sulu's husband Ashok - a man trying his best to make his wife happy, but also faces work pressure that turns into frustration. Also, her family isn't too happy about her sweet-talking potential creeps on a nighttime show. This fuels the drama around Sulu's life.


The film caters to daily problems a family goes through be it handling a household, relationship with poking relations, handling the child and majorly handling the work pressure. Sometimes work pressure spoils the happy family environment. The film has done a fabulous job of portraying the personal and professional problems a homemaker turned into working women faces while juggling between the two. The cherry on cake is its ending which leaves you with an optimistic viewpoint. Her struggle to do something finally comes true and it brings back the happy environment at home as well.


The work that gives a nightmare to her husband, he leaves that job to join hands with his wife in her business idea. He finally finds peace as he is happy doing the work he does now. He was never insecure with the idea of his wife working it’s just that his over bossy boss’s attitude was giving him sleepless nights and in such situation, one becomes frustrated. That frustration when comes out harms the happy environment of his house. Therefore, at the end when he leaves his work he is back to normal, he gives a moral boost to sulu in pursuing her dreams. In addition, the film showed one should never feel demoralised by the negative comments given by the family members. It conveys do what you believe will bring happiness to you. Working as RJ makes her happy and she wants to pursue it even after receiving objection from her family.


The film’s depiction of being positive in life no matter how worst the situation is will surely connect with the audience. Also, viewing daily life of a family would help people relate themselves to the characters of the film. It’s a one-time watch movie and totally ‘paisa vasool’ movie as well.


If you have watched the film please do share your review of the movie as well in the comment section below. 

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