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Love Vs Possessiveness Promo 17

January 1, 2018

Hey Everyone, 


Happy New Year Everyone to you and your family. May the new year bring loads of happiness and prosperity.


Here is a new year gift a short promo for the next update.


Riddhima after entering the house went towards her room. She took a hot a shower and started getting ready for her college. Muskaan who had come to check riddhima smiled seeing her and rushed to hug her. Riddhima was taken by surprise when someone back hugged her as she was lost in her thoughts from yesterday’s evening. Muskaan turned around riddhima and started checking her. Riddhima was confused by her actions.


Riddhima: what are you doing muski?


Muskaan: I am checking if armaan has hurt you or not. Don’t distract me, let me do my job.


Riddhima: muski you have gone mad.


Muskaan: I am not mad, its my birth right to check if you are fine or not.


Riddhima: Muski armaan will never hurt me physically but (riddhima stopped saying further).


Muskaan (muskaan completed the sentence): But mentally right?


Will update the part soon!!!!

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