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Dill Main Dabi Baat Promo (Advani)

February 5, 2018

I smiled at the delegates present in the hall and greeted them with a polite handshake. I was going through the contents of the folder given to me by my manager just now when my eyes landed on the person standing in front of me. I had felt someone staring at me and out of curiosity instead of reading the file, I looked towards the person, perhaps a wrong decision. I hoped I mistook him for someone else and tried to find solace in that. Nevertheless, I knew I was wrong when he smiled at me warmly. It was none other than Aman. Yes Aman, Advay and mine’s college friend. My heart stopped beating for a second and I started searching around frantically for Advay. I tried to calm down when I did not find him and convinced myself that Aman might have been here on the project and Advay might still be in India. I believed it, for I did not have the energy left in me to meet him now, as I was still not ready to face him. I know I was wrong to leave India without informing him and he might be angry as well but still I am not prepared to meet him.


My world came crashing down when Advay Singh Raizada walked inside the hall with no expressions on his face. I felt as if I had received a punch on my face when I watched him walk in to the hall with my manager. All the blood drained off my face and I felt my limbs shaking slightly. I just kept staring at him without blinking my eyes. The world stopped when he looked towards me. Our eyes met and I could not breathe for few seconds. He had absolutely no expressions on his face; it looked like there was calmness before the storm. Sweat started forming on my forehead as I dread to think what will happen next. All I could hope now was that I was not assign to work with him otherwise hell will break loose.


Hey Friends,


I know I am updating after a long time but my health was not fine. Hope u like the promo. 

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