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Pyar Ki Rahien

September 11, 2018



The sun rose and its rays spreads over the city of Delhi, a state where life has always been busy from children to parent’s everyone has a busy life. Some children had gone to school and some had gone to college, some had to finish their required assignments, some had to prepare for exams and some wanted to enjoy life so doing what they love doing that is watching movie playing sports etc. Elders or rather people in mid-twenties had gone to work for earning money for living or surviving. For surviving in this cut throat competition, it isn’t easy one has to go through lots of ups and downs. Same was the story of Ms. Naina Agarwal who was searching for a job and was struggling very hard to grab one job. She had till now given numerous interview but was rejected everywhere sometimes due to her appearance and sometime due to the educational background. In her 12th standard board class she didn’t get above ninety per cent she got exact eighty per cent so she wasn’t eligible for top Delhi universities but she did manage to enter other Delhi university which aren’t that famous. Since college was not that good her campus interview was not that good either. Today she had an interview in some xyz company and she was hoping to be selected here. But still something was peculiar about this interview and that was only those can apply whose name is Naina Agarwal. She entered the building and patiently waited at the reception for some time. After waiting for almost an hour someone from the HR room came out and called her name. She stood up and started walking towards that person. She was feeling nervous but still tried to cover it up with her smile. Upon reaching that person naina shook hands with him and introduced herself. “Hi I am Naina Agarwal” she said. “Hi I am munna. You are next for the interview” he said. Naina smiled at him and then waited patiently for her turn.



Naina entered the cabin when she was told she can go now. Before entering she had taken a deep breath to control her increasing heartbeat. She looked around the cabin before adjusting her eyes on the person sitting infront of her. She smiled and walked towards the desk. “Good morning Sir my name is Naina Agarwal” she said. “Goodmorning Naina I am Jaipraksh Maheshwari, please have a seat” the man introduced himself. Nain smiled and sat. The interview began and with each question answer naina’s confidence was increasing. Suddenly someone enters the room disrupting the interview. “Nanu mien munna or pandit ko apne saath lekar jaa raha hoon” said a boy. Nain looked at him when he stood next to his grandfather. Naina’s eyes widened in horror and she cursed her luck. All the confidence that she had gained till now left her it seemed like. She was hoping against the hope that he doesn’t recognizes her otherwise everything ends right here right now for her. “Sameer beta this is not right you three can go after office hour’s work should be your priority” nanu said. Sameer made faces and said “nanu please its Friday the end of week no more patience left please let us go na”. “Sameer it’s not even half day yet wait for some time finish your pending work and then you all can leave” nanu said strictly. Sameer knew that he has nothing else to say so he was about to leave when his eyes fell on the candidate sitting for the interview.


The moment sameer’s eyes landed on naina he had a goofy smile on his face. Naina felt sameer’s eyes on her so she slowly lifted her eyes towards him. The moment naina’s eyes met sameer’s the time stopped. Both kept starring at each other for few seconds before being interrupted by nanu. But in those few seconds both talked with each other, yes they spoke through eyes. Naina knew why he had a goofy smile and Sameer knew why she was nervous seeing him here. Naina pleaded through her eyes to not to spoil this for her whereas Sameer replied we’ll see. “Sorry for the interruption let’s get back to the interview” nanu’s words broke their trance. Naina gulped her saliva and tried hard to concentrate on the interview. She was partially successful because while answering she was thinking what will Sameer do now.




As soon as Sameer came out of the cabin munna and pandit pounced on him and looked at him with ‘tell-us’ look. Sameer looked at them and smiled. “Yes she is the one” Sameer said. Both munna pandit smiled happily and Sameer said “shhh nanu daatenge chalo yahan se chalet hai”. While going pandit says to munna “Mr HR head you know whom to select now”. “Tut oh aise bol raha hai jaise yeh decision mere haath main hai, hota toh bina kissi darr ke abhi selection letter bhej deta per nanu ko select karna hai. Bhai ab tu hi apne nanu ko pata sakta hai” munna said while looking at Sameer. “Kuch toh jugaad lagana padega” Sameer said.



The interview ended and naina was relieved that atleast she gave her best. Even though due to interruption by Sameer did make her lose her confidence but then she bounced back when she realised this was her last option. She left his cabin with a hope to get the offer letter. While leaving the office she was hoping to not to meet Sameer maheshwari again. That name, that person brought back a lot of memories that she had almost forgotten about it.




Naina was signing the register before leaving when she saw Sameer coming along with two more people. She quickly signed the register and hurriedly tried to leave the building. But much to her dismay Sameer and two people caught up with her and stopped her from leaving the building. “Mere samne se hato” naina said. “Itni jaldi main kaha bhaag rahi hoy a yun kahon kisse bhag rahi ho” Sameer said. “Mere paas time nahiin hai hato yahan se ab or yeh dono kaun hai” naina asked. “Off course you have time don’t lie to me naina. Oh yes these two are my college friends and now my colleagues munna and pandit” Sameer said. Naina looked at munna pandit and said “I’ll give you a free advice never trust him”. When Sameer heard this he held her hand and took her to an empty room. Munna pandit also followed them.


“Leave my hand” naina shouted and tried to free herself from sameer’s hand. “Naina believe me I am really sorry for what I did back then my intentions were not to upset you” Sameer started speaking but naina cuts him off. “But I still got upset. I don’t need any explanation so kindly please let me go” naina said and started walking toward exit but munna pandit stopped her. “Yar vo itna bura bhi nahiin hai sunle na uski baat” pandit said. “Hain or vaise bhi hum tujhe jane to denge nahiin yahan se bina uski baat sune” munna said. Naina turned and said “dost to ache banaye hai tumne per kash dosti nibhani ati tumhe”. Sameer closed his eyes in frustration and tried to calm himself. “I am saying sorry what else should I do to gain back our friendship” Sameer asked with broken voice. Sameer’s broken voice send a chill down naina’s spine and this also reduced her anger but not completely.


Naina walked towards Sameer and said “you were my best friend in school I trusted you enough to share my feelings with you and what you did? You went and told that person everything? Do you remember what happened after that? Oh how will you remember it you tend to forget things right? Everyone including you, were enjoying linking my name with that person”.


Sameer interrupted and said “I was angry”. “You were angry? May I know why you were angry? What did I do to deserve this treatment?” naina asked Sameer. “I was jealous” Sameer whispered. Naina looked at him with shock look. After few seconds when his words registered in her brain she whispered “jealous”. Sameer realised where this was leading so he tried to leave the place but this time naina stopped him. “Munna pandit agar tum iske sache dost hot oh isko yahan se aaj jane nahiin dena jaise tum log mujhe nahiin jane de rahe the” naina said in an ordering tone. Sameer looked at naina with a blank face and naina looked at him questioning eyes. “You know you were right I was lying I have spare time to listen to your version of story” naina said while crossing her hands in front of her chest. Sameer saw the determination in her eyes and he knew she wouldn’t back off he would have to explain his wordings.


Sameer took a deep breath and said “I was jealous you took someone else name I wanted you to have a crush on me instead of that sanjay tibrewal. The only way I could separate you from him was to tease you with him so that you yourself move away from him”. Naina heard his confession and instead of shouting at him she started laughing. Sameer looked at her with a blank look. “Kahiin sadme wadme se pagal toh nahiin ho gayi yeh” munna asked pandit. “Mujhe lagta hai iska screw dheela ho gaya hai” pandit said. Naina stopped laughing and said “tumhe pata hai mien tumse gussa kyun hui thi? Miene tumhe jalane ke liye uska naam liya tha or ye idea swati ka tha tum jale toh sahi per bataya nahiin balki mujhe uske saath link karke tease karte rahe”.


Sameer was too shocked to react. “Mr. Sameer Maheshwari mujhe sanjay pe nahiin tumpe crush tha or jo tumne kiya uske vajay se mujhe dil pe chot lagi thi isi liye baat karna band kar diya tha or school ke baad sare contacts tod diye the. Jante ho mien tumse kabhi life main milna nahiin chahti lekin lagta hai hamari kismat humse boht pyar karti hai tabhi toh dekho aaj milwa hi diya hume” naina said. “You didn’t had crush on sanjay but me? Then why didn’t you tell me that back then? Do you have any idea how awful I felt after that? I tried so hard to find you” Sameer said. “Vo french nahiin bol rahi hai bhai” pandit said. “Hain keh toh rahi hai usse tujhpe crush tha” munna said. “So let me guess this interview idea was yours?” naina asked. “Wrong that idea was of munna pandit. They said if I’ll organise an interview with specification that people whose name is naina Agarwal can only apply there are chances you may turn up. We went through various hiring portals and shortlisted only those people whose name was naina Agarwal and see this idea worked you are standing here in front of me” Sameer said proudly.


Now it was naina’s turn look at him with shocked look. “You do realise you are mad?” naina asked. Sameer walked towards naina and with each step he asked “so you had a crush on me?” “Bhai usne kuch der pehle iska jawab dediya tha” pandit said. “Tu ponga hi rahega chal yahan se tu” munna said and tried dragging pandit out of the room. “Tu kya kar raha hai ruk na mujhe aage bhi sunna hai” pandit said. Sameer was standing infront of naina and due to their height difference naina had to look up where as he towered over her. “Seedha bolo na tumhe phir se confession sunna hai mien mana thodi karoongi hain mujhe tumpe crush tha” naina said in childish voice. Sameer smiled hearing her childish voice how much he missed this tone of hers.


“Mera ek kaam karogi” Sameer asked naina. Naina nodded her in head in agreement and asked “kya karna hai mujhe?” “Call swati please and put it on speaker” Sameer said. naina smiled and dialled swati’s number. As per sameer’s wish she kept the call on speaker mode. “Hello swati you remember Sameer from our school?” naina asked.


“Hain tera pehla or akhri crush usko kaise nahiin janoongi” swati replied. “Le usse baat kar” naina said while blushing. Much to naina’s dismay swati had revealed quite a lot of information. Sameer smiled seeing naina blushing but however at present he had something important to say. “Hi swati it’s my pleasure to inform you that from next time don’t think of any idea as you are very bad at it” Sameer received a smack from naina. Before he could continue further munna interrupted and said “swati tu naina ki dost hai”. “Munna tu vahan kya kar raha hai” swati asked. Now Sameer looked towards munna with questioning eyes and pandit couldn’t control his laughter. “Swati mien tujhe thodi der main call karta hoon” munna said. “Theek hai” swati said and kept the call. Both Sameer and naina were staring at munna, if looks could kill someone munna would have been dead by now. “teri khabar mien baad main leta hoon” Sameer said. “Bhai patli gali se nikal jaa varna Sameer tujhe boht marega” pandit advised munna. Both hurriedly left the place.


Naina looked at her watch and said “oh no mujhe der ho rahi hai ghar per sab wait kar rahe honge”. “Mien tumhe chod deta hoon” Sameer offered her to drop her home. “Pagal ho gaye ho agar sabne hume saath main dekha toh phir se mera naam link ho jayega or iss baar school ki char diwari main nahiin rahega newspaper main chapega or phir poori duniya peeche padh jayegi” naina said. “Koi nahiin pehchanega or vaise bhi tum apne crush ke saath bike ride karna chahti thi tab na sahi ab sahi chalo” Sameer said and then winked at naina.


Naina and Sameer walked towards his bike and naina had hidden her face. She was feeling shy but at the same time her heart beat was increasing. She didn’t know how to control her heartbeat. Her dream of sitting behind his bike would finally come true. She has seen this moment in her dreams so many times that she has forgotten the count of it now. Sameer sat on his bike and waited for naina to sit behind his bike. He looked at her eyes through the mirror and knew she was shying. “Don’t worry bike se giraonga nahiin tumhe” Sameer said to lighten the moment. “Or agar gira diya toh” naina asked. “Apne crush pe itna bharosa toh kar hi sakti ho na” Sameer asked. “Mujhe apne crush pe bharosa hai lekin iss waqt mera crush nahiin koi or hi bike chala raha hai” naina said. Sameer thought for a while as to what she meant by that and then he realised what naina meant. Sameer asked her to wait and went inside the building. After few minutes he came out wearing his jacket and glares, the office clothes he was wearing were gone. “Ab mera crush bika chala raha hai toh uspe bharosa bhi hai” naina said and sat behind his bike.


As soon as she sat behind his bike he looked at her through the mirror. Riddhima lowered her eyes, she was feeling shy. He held her hands and kept at his shoulder. Sameer thought ‘when I touched her hand her why a current ran through my body, what does it means?’ When sameer had held her hand, she thought, ‘Why did I feel different when he touched me? Why did my heartbeat increase? This has happened first time with me. What has changed today? Why I am not able to keep this bike ride a simple friendly ride?’ Sameer started the bike and her breath was giving him a tingling feeling. For the first time a girl was sitting on his bike and he was glad it was his naina. He was really heartbroken when she had said in school she had crush on sanjay instead of him. But now when he knows the truth how come he never noticed her feelings for him back then? They wouldn’t have wasted so many years. But like the saying goes every day is a new beginning and it’s a new beginning for them as well. Naina was equally happy that she finally got her love back, destiny and God really blessed her today. The bike ride to her home was the most beautiful ride they both had ever had. During the journey naina had thrown her hands in the air to feel the moment and Sameer kept smiling seeing her antics. He had even teased her that what if she saw sanjay someday to this she replied she would tell him the truth that he was never her crush. Sameer was constantly smiling. “Naina kissi din Mrs. Maheshwari bankar bethogi iss bike pe” Sameer said. “Uss din ka intezaar rahega Mr. Maheshwari” naina replied.


After that Sameer used his ‘jugadu’ brain and coaxed nanu to choose Naina Agarwal for the job. For some time they kept their relationship hidden, Sameer used to drop naina home and she used to hide her face every time. It didn’t take long for nanu to guess who that mysterious girl was reported in the media. He had called them to his office and asked their decision. First both were shocked that how nanu got to know but then Sameer knew his nanu knows him too well. He must have observed his actions in office. They both told him their decision that they would like to get married and nanu happily agreed. After that their love story did saw ups and downs but together they faced all the hurdles henceforth. But one thing remained constant their bike ride. They often go for bike rides to remember their first bike ride.

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