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Dill Main Dabi Baat Promo

November 6, 2018

I drew back and wiped my tears. "Can you help me in switching the assistant? I don't think he wants to see my face" I said.

"That will only infuriate him more, Riddhima" he said while giving me a glass of water to drink.


After few seconds he said “let’s go back otherwise your boss Abhimanyu will start getting suspicious because sudden change of behaviour”.


It took few seconds for me to realise what Rahul meant and he did have a point. When it registered in my mind that for Abhimanyu armaan and Rahul are strangers for me then changing the assistant would definitely create some suspicion which I clearly don’t want at this moment.




I was about to pick the plate when I heard armaan’s voice “there is some problem with the food, it doesn’t taste like proper Indian Food”. I immediately walked towards armaan because I knew if he made any complains then Abhimanyu and I will be scrutinized by our bosses. Somewhere down the line I knew armaan was doing this deliberately, if yes then the question arises why? What will he gain by doing this? Even Abhimanyu reached at armaan’s table.


“What happened armaan” Abhimanyu asked him. I looked around and saw everyone has almost stopped eating and they are looking towards our direction. I just silently prayed that armaan doesn’t stretch this matter much otherwise it won’t take long for our bosses to know about this incident and both Abhimanyu and I would land in trouble.


“Ar uum I mean Mr. Mallik we can surely sort the problem if there is any” I tried to politely calm him down but I guess I shouldn’t have because his next set of words really shattered me.


“The problem is you Ms. Gupta, wasn’t it your duty to check the food, correct me if I am wrong” armaan said harshly.




Before Rahul could say something I mustered up the courage to speak “Armaan you don’t realise your behaviour can land both Abhimanyu and me in trouble”.


“Firstly its Mr. Mallik for you and secondly why are you worrying for him, worry for yourself unless he means something to you” said armaan in a sharp tone. Both Rahul and I looked at armaan with a shock expression. Did he really said that or was I dreaming. I looked at Rahul to confirm whether what I heard was true and not my imagination. His expressions confirmed that this was true.


“After you left from the meeting he was trying to explain me that you were good and I shouldn’t be harsh to you” armaan continued when he received no reply from me. When I heard that I smiled as it was very grateful of him to say something like this. I was blessed to have him as my mentor cum boss. But my smile was wrongly taken by armaan it seemed like. His next set of words broke my heart into various pieces.


“You seem to be happy with this piece of information isn’t it? So what’s going on between you two” he asked in a harsh tone.




Hey Friends,


So, this was the snippet of upcoming update.... Since its a last update I am trying to make it a long update so that we dont require epilogue....Also I was writing and deleting it because it was not coming up the way i wanted it to come...... Hope you guys enjoy the last update of this  short story and all the waiting would look like it was worth it.....



Happy Diwali Guys to you and to your family.... may this brings loads of happiness and prosperity.... Have a wonderful Diwali Friends....

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